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basal insulins

Basal Insulins for treating diabetes mellitus, from discovery to modernity

Basal insulin is also referred to as background insulin. It is that insulin which the pancreas produces and is present all the time. In contrast, bolus insulin is the extra amount of insulin the pancreas produces in response to glucose intake. In patients with T1DM, the pancreas stops making insulin and the patient needs to […]

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blood sugar control

2016 Screening Guidelines for Type 2 Diabetes

The ADA and AACE just jointly released 2016 screening guidelines for Type 2 Diabetes; they cast a significantly wider net. They now recommend screening everyone over the age of 45.  In addition, they are eliminating the term “diabetic” to describe a person living with diabetes.  Dr. Linda Girgis, MD, family practitioner, talks about the impact the new guidelines will […]

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