basal insulins

Basal Insulins for treating diabetes mellitus, from discovery to modernity

Basal insulin is also referred to as background insulin. It is that insulin which the pancreas produces and is present all the time. In contrast, bolus insulin is the extra amount of insulin the pancreas produces in response to glucose intake. In patients with T1DM, the pancreas stops making insulin and the patient needs to […]

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motivation to change diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus: Motivation to Change

Motivational interviewing¬†(MI) is a form of counseling developed by William R. Miller, PhD and Professor Steven Rollinick in 1983. First devised to help in the treatment of alcoholics, MI can serve as a framework for evoking any motivation to change and has been used for many¬†conditions including substance abuse, smoking, obesity and diabetes. The goal […]

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The Evolving Genesis of Obesity

Over the past many years or decades, people believed that obesity was caused by a misbalance of calories: obese patients consume more calories that they expend. While this is true in many cases, it is not the complete picture. Recent research is discovering a whole host of causes that contribute to obesity and it is […]

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SGLT-2 Inhibitors in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes: Methodology and Monitoring Impact

  In this CME offering presented by the Primary Care Network and Diabetes Series Live, Drs. Richard Beaser, Associate Professor of Medicine and Harvard Medical School and Nuha El Sayed, Director of International Programs at Joslin Diabetes Center introduce and educate viewers on a relatively new class of drugs to combat Type II Diabetes; the […]

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